Introduction of HPRO

The Health Protection and Research Organization (HPRO) is a national non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) registered with Ministries of Economy, Women’s Affairs and Public Health, of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. HPRO, which has its main office in Kabul city,was established in 2008 with the specific aim of assisting the government of Afghanistan and its development partners by conducting research and evaluation designed to inform policy makers, program managers and practitioners for the purpose of improving program implementation that can ultimately ensure overall development of Afghanistan and the wider region. The institution is currently staffed and/or supported by professionals that hold specializations in monitoring, evaluation, research, information systems, rapid and comprehensive assessments and institutional capacity building. The organization is supported by a board of directors/trustees that is external to HPRO. These board members who are volunteers provide oversight and ensure that HPRO remains in full compliance with its code of conduct and the strategic roadmap.The organization is led by Dr. Ghulam Farooq Mansoor, a public health epidemiology specialist trained at The University of Queensland, Australia who has built a positive reputation in leading and executing numerous research, monitoring and evaluation projects for the UN organizations, host-government. HPRO adheres to statutory compliances required by the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in general, and specifically of the various ministries of the government. HPRO has built-in robust financial system controls and procurement systems in accordance with its policies. Over a period of more than a decade of operations, HPRO has developed a pool of resources including broad network of funding agencies, technical experts, collaborating universities and INGOs. HPRO strictly adheres to tax rules and regulations of the Ministry of Finance and continues to make sure that all taxes are paid wholly and in a timely fashion. HPRO has a financial committee which constantly reviews monthly expenses and pipelines, and thus verifies that all accrued expenses are in line with the approved budget, and that all financial obligations are properly met.


    Saving lives by enchancing the responsiveness, equity and effectiveness of national systems.


    HPRO is known as a reliable development partner delivering a wide range of technical assistance services in Afghanistan and the region

  • The following values guide the work of HPRO and describe what it stands for

    1. Integrity:
    We are committed to deliver what we say. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and thereby earn the trust of our own teams, partners and clients.
    2. Transparency & Accountability:
    We provide access to information about our decisions, the use of resources, and the results we achieve.
    3. Dignity and Respect:
    We value everyone’s worth and believe in serving our clients and beneficiaries regardless of their gender, age, race, religion, ethnicity, and socioeconomic and political status.
    4. Excellence:
    We aspire no less than exceptional quality in our work and outputs. We strive to innovate and improve every day. We are committed to modelling a positive example by working as a team.
    5. Integration:
    We work to ensure that all efforts are made to provide the services to beneficiaries in an integrated, cost-effective, and culturally and contextually accepted manner.