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We welcome funding from donors who require an independent, expert organisation to conduct research and evaluation in Afghanistan. We currently work with a wide range of donors both in academia and development.

Our mandate is to provide evidence for improving policy and practice in Afghan health care and projects may include operational research in health systems, trials, epidemiology and economics.

HPRO also conducts independent programme evaluations from an academic standpoint with a view to improving strategy and practice.

Donors wishing to invite bids or sole source requests to HPRO should contact technical@hpro.af.

Conducting research in Afghanistan requires experience and expertise. We specialise in conducting research to the highest international standards. We have teams of professional project managers with excellent contacts throughout Afghanistan. HPRO considers proposals and/or protocols which are within our mandate from researchers and academics who need in-country organisational support. We are also able to assist with regulatory compliance for research approvals.

Our organisation provides auditable accounts and administration for researchers who are interested in working in Afghanistan but are unable to find a suitable implementing partner.

If you are interested in working with HPRO to conduct your research then please contact us at enquires@hpro.org.af.

Thank you for your interest. We currently have no job vacancies.